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Audio identity and strategy are essential components of a successful brand. In fact, studies have shown that businesses that have a sound that matches their brand identity are 96% more likely to connect with their target audience. At Bränd Sound, we understand the importance of audio branding and can help your business discover its unique audio identity. Our team of experts can work with you to develop a comprehensive audio strategy that incorporates your brand’s sound into your marketing plan. This sets your brand apart from competitors and helps to establish a strong connection with your audience.

Sound design for apps and products is the process of creating and implementing sounds and music that enhance the user experience and brand identity of a product. We understand the importance of creating a unique audio identity that sets your brand apart and enhances recognition. Research has shown that premium, custom-made sounds significantly improve user experience and help products stand out in the market, making investing in custom sound design a smart business move. With our help, you can incorporate custom sound design and create a cohesive and memorable brand experience for your users.

An audio logo, also known as sound logo or sonic logo is a short distinctive melody or other sequence of sound, mostly positioned at the beginning or ending of a commercial. It is a powerful tool in creating a memorable and recognisable sonic identity for your brand. Our team specialises in creating custom-made audio logos that reflect your brand’s unique personality and values. By taking a deep dive into your brand’s DNA, we can design an audio logo that is distinctive, versatile, and can be adapted for different platforms, ensuring consistent and effective brand recognition.
With our expertise, we can help your brand stand out and leave a lasting impression on your audience, making your brand more memorable and distinguishable from the competition.


Vanemuine, the oldest theatre in Estonia, has had a solid visual and linguistic identity for 152 years, but the desire for an audio logo brought an ambitious challenge to the Bränd Sound team. Our goal was to stay true to tradition and maintain historical dignity while bringing in youthfulness. The sound logo was based on the audience invitation that had been in use for 55 years from the duet “Õnn, meie juurde jää, jää meiega” from the opera “Vikerlased” by Evald Aava.

The cooperation with Bränd Sound representatives Maksim Adel and Ikevald Rannap was thorough, constructive and solution-oriented from the beginning. The initial expectation and feedback from Vanemuine’s customers was an important starting point for creation. Based on this, the audio logo was formed, and can be heard in use today,” commented Risto Joost, music director of the Vanemuine Theatre.

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Teater Vanemuine

Institute of the Estonian Language is the official language-regulatory authority of the Estonian language and its goal is to contribute to the long-term survival of the Estonian language. As part of their brand renewal process, they sought to enhance their brand identity through the creation of an audio logo that would be consistent with their new messaging.

Bränd Sound produced a unique and authentic audio logo that seamlessly blends modern Estonian folk music with a contemporary twist, inspired by the country’s rich song and dance culture. The resulting audio logo effectively embodies the brand’s mission to protect and promote the Estonian language for future generations, while also evoking a sense of authority and expertise.

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Eesti Keele Instituut
Estonian Business School (EBS) is a leading business University in Estonia with a strong reputation for providing high-quality education. To further enhance its brand identity and create a stronger connection with its audience, Bränd Sound created an audio logo for them.

Working closely with the EBS team, Bränd Sound created several options for the audio logo, each with a different tone and feel. After careful consideration and feedback from the EBS team, the final audio logo was chosen. It features a modern, upbeat melody with a touch of sophistication, perfectly capturing EBS’s brand essence.

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Estonian Business School


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